The Green Home Care Professionals

A healthy, relaxing home environment is the sum of countless little touches. It starts with a professional, eco-friendly cleaning service whose practices enhance your family’s good health, well-being and peace of mind. It also takes careful attention to make sure everything runs smoothly, week after week.

Managing the list of housekeeping tasks we never seem to have enough time for — organizing, deep spring cleaning, home maintenance — doesn’t have to be yet another chore. Leave it to the professionals.

Imagine: It all done.
Floors squeaky clean, clutter under control, beds freshly changed with lavender-scented sheets, holiday gifts wrapped, errands run... Many of our clients think of us as their homes’ guardian angels.

Green. Our work is grounded in a growing desire to live simpler, safer, healthier lives. By eliminating the toxic chemicals commonly found in cleaning products, we help ourselves, our families, our pets, and our planet all breathe a little easier.

Home. Earth Angels knows each home is as unique as the people who live there. We customize our concierge housekeeping services to suit your needs, preferences and lifestyle to create an inviting and inspiring living environment.

Care. We care for your home as if it were our own. Our philosophy is to maintain the whole home — both the physical space, and the services that keep it healthy and running smoothly.

Professionals. We overlook no detail, spare no effort, and clean your home the way you want it cleaned each and every time. We don’t cut corners: we clean them.


Do-it-yourself green

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