Going Deeper

There’s a big difference between everyday dirt and built-up grime. Over time, every home will accumulate dust and dirt in out-of-the way places that make it less healthy. Because regular cleaning can’t catch everything, sometimes we need to go deeper to make your home shine like new again.

Tackling big housecleaning chores yourself can feel overwhelming and steal precious time. Earth Angels helps you identify and prioritize these occasional and seasonal tasks, customizing whatever else needs to be done to give your home a healthy fresh start. We'll turn your house inside out and detail every corner, nook and cranny — without using caustic and corrosive chemicals, even for the toughest cleaning jobs.

We can also help you organize closets, cupboards, storage space, and the garage. A deep cleaning offers a great opportunity to reclaim your house from the disorder that inevitably creeps in. And cutting the clutter means there’s less to clean and makes your home easier to maintain. In fact, we offer intensive de-cluttering as a special concierge service.

Earth Angels Renewing Deep Cleaning is highly recommended for first-time cleanings and before we begin regular service, as a spring cleaning, or any time of the year. To give us a head start we ask that clutter, dishes, clothes and toys be reasonably picked up.

Our Renewing Deep Cleaning includes our basic Health & Wellness Cleaning features, plus the following services as needed:

  • Spot clean walls and remove fingerprints (latex paint only)
  • Clean handles, knobs, hinges, switch plates and air vents
  • Damp dust all doors (including tops), louvered doors, moldings, banisters and woodwork
  • Vacuum under easy to move furniture, in closets, corners, along edges of carpets and stairs
  • Vacuum furniture upholstery (under cushions too)
  • Vacuum and/or damp-dust window treatments
  • Polish furniture with Murphy’s Oil
  • Remove books and damp dust bookshelves
  • Scrub bathroom tile grout
  • Wash bathroom and kitchen wastebaskets
  • Wash exterior bathroom and kitchen cabinets with Murphy’s Oil
  • Clean inside of cabinets, drawers and under kitchen sink
  • Damp dust tops of all kitchen cabinets
  • Clean and degrease inside of range hood
  • Polish silver
  • Clean and shine chandeliers
  • Dust houseplants
  • Wash interior windows, sliding doors and tracks
  • Wash exterior windows within reach
  • Wash front door and entry light fixtures
  • Clean ashes from fireplace (unused for 72 hours)
  • Sweep porch, deck and/or garage
  • Clean barbecue
  • Other services and areas as requested