Cleaning You Can See, Smell and Trust

Earth Angels makes your home sparkle using eco-friendly products that protect the health of your living space, your family and pets, our employees, and our planet. We clean your home like it’s our own, and the only “secret ingredient” we use is elbow grease.

Like most households, you probably have a cache of cleaning supplies labeledcaution, warning, poison” under your kitchen sink. Many contain known allergy and asthma triggers, endocrine disrupters, and even carcinogens. Young children are especially vulnerable because their bodies are still developing. Plus everything goes into their mouths, and they virtually live on the floor.

Every day we come in contact with over 85,000 unregulated chemicals used in consumer products. Often synthetic fragrances are added to mask these dangerous substances. According to the Breast Cancer Fund, complete toxicology data is available for only 7% of these chemicals, and more than 90% have never been tested for their effects on human health.

Creating a safe living environment begins when you banish these toxic products from your home. You’ll protect those most at risk — children, pets, pregnant women, the elderly and anyone with chronic diseases and immune system concerns — and reduce your impact on our environment as well.

We clean the way our grandmothers did, using effective, old-fashioned standbys like vinegar, baking soda, and castile soap, alongside trusted modern green products. By changing your housecleaning products and habits, we can help you make a dramatic impact on the health and well-being of your home and family. To us, there’s only one question about green cleaning: why do it any other way?

Green cleaning services

Health & Wellness Basic Cleaning — Much more than just "the basics," creating a healthy indoor environment is the core of what we do. Top to bottom, inside and out and everything in between, we’ll customize your cleaning. Then we'll clean, dust, disinfect, vacuum, scrub and shine every room in your house. Your home will look, smell, and feel clean.Learn more

Refreshing Aromatherapy Cleaning — Earth Angels enhances our regular Health & Wellness Cleaning with plant-derived essential oils, such as lavender, lemon and eucalyptus, to give our natural cleaning products an extra boost. Delight yourself, your family and friends with inspiring fragrances that disinfect, deodorize and make your home smell divine.Learn more

Renewing Deep Cleaning — Even the most well-cared-for home needs an occasional deep cleaning. We’ll go over every inch of your home, eliminating stubborn dust, dirt, grease and grime and carefully detail everything until it gleams. Tailored to your specific needs, we recommend this service at least once a year, and before we start regular maintenance cleanings.Learn more

Move In or Out — If you’re moving out soon, the last thing you want to deal with is the final cleaning. Whether you want a healthy fresh start in your new place, or to leave no trace in the old one, we'll start with an empty house and deep-clean it down to its bones.Learn more

What works for you?

Give yourself one less thing to stress about and one more thing to enjoy. Our services are competitively priced by the hour, and include all cleaning products and equipment. Our two- and three-person teams are available 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday, with a two-hour minimum, and can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly or on occasion.

To give us a head start, we ask that clutter, dishes, clothes and toys be reasonably picked up. Every home is different, so our cleaning estimate depends on the size and complexity of yours, but we promise to follow one simple rule: If something needs cleaning, we clean it.Get started today.