Imagine It. Done.

We help busy people get things done. A good cleaning service conserves your most precious nonrenewable resource: time. A truly great one can make your life much easier and give you back even more.

Earth Angels offers a green concierge service to manage a wide range of home-related tasks, special requests, and seasonal chores. Because we’re already familiar with your home, lifestyle and personal preferences we can meet your needs effectively and unobtrusively, providing the same highly attentive, customized service you’ve come to rely on.

We coordinate everything, efficiently. Let us handle the work, special arrangements, vacation schedules, before and after party cleanup, houseguest emergencies, all the headaches and details — so you don’t have to. From running errands to organizing your closets to meeting contractors, no project is too big or too small.

We’ll clearly define the service and estimate our time up front, plus any extra expenses, so there are no surprises. Services are charged by the hour, with a two-hour minimum and in 15-minute intervals thereafter. We also offer pre-paid "Wish List" packages for your convenience, deducting blocks of time as you use our services.

An extra pair of wings. Whether you’re swamped at work, buried alive at home, overwhelmed with moving, recovering from an illness or surgery, dreading the holiday season, a bride-to-be or a new mom, our Angels have the extra pair of wings you’ve been dreaming of.

Organizing, de-cluttering and packing — A well-organized home provides a relaxing environment, gives you more space, and is also much easier to clean. Whether your goal is to transform chaos into order or just rearrange a bit, let us help you sort your stuff, simplify your life and find the perfect place for everything.Learn more

Home maintenance monitoring — Our professional cleaners are also trained to identify maintenance needs like leaky faucets, squeaky doors, and sluggish drains. When we spot these issues before you do, we’ll let you know — and help you take care of them.Learn more

Party time — All hands on deck! We can help you or your caterer with set up, serving and clean up. From making your home immaculate, organized and ready for guests, to leaving it spotless so you’ll never know you had a party, count on Earth Angels to do whatever it takes so you can enjoy your own event.

Santa’s helpers — Juggling family, home and work is especially stressful during the holiday season. Your holiday memories shouldn’t be about fighting for parking or staying up all night getting ready. Let us help trim the tree, beautifully wrap gifts, and then pack it all away for next year. We can also bring our Santa’s helpers to your office and arrange a special Gift Wrap Day.

Give us your to-do list — And consider it done. Earth Angels is also here to help with the tedious, time-consuming errands that keep you from doing what you want. Leave the little stuff to us — pharmacy, dry cleaners, shoe repair, movie rentals, library, pet food, packages, groceries, store returns, charity donations, car wash — whatever you need done. Our errand service is also a great gift for new parents, brides-to-be, sick friends or the elderly.

What more do you need? — With our knowledge and understanding of your home, lifestyle, preferences and routine — and our expert staff and wide professional network — chances are we can get it done. Let us know what you need and we’ll help you find a solution.