Home Maintenance Guardian Angels

Your home needs a long list of regular, seasonal, or occasional maintenance chores to keep it running safely and efficiently. These can easily fall off your “to do” list: it’s probably hard enough to remember what you did last week, let alone when you changed the furnace filter or had the chimney cleaned.

Make sure important tasks don’t fall between the cracks. For a small annual fee we’ll create and maintain a Guardian Angel Maintenance Plan for you. Not only will we record the details of all maintenance services, we’ll remind you of upcoming seasonal chores as well. And because our Angels are trained to watch for maintenance issues as they occur, we’re often the first to spot them, and we’ll let you know right away — free of charge as part of any regular cleaning service.

Imagine it, fixed — Earth Angels maintains an expert network of trusted Home Care Partners. We’ve experienced these professionals’ work firsthand: where applicable they adhere to the same green standards we do, and we recommend them highly. We’re happy to offer referrals for free. By enlisting our Concierge Service, we can also save you the time and hassle of scheduling and overseeing any repairs, service calls or deliveries.

Call us today to set up your Guardian Angel account, so you can enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof without worrying if the gutters are clogged with leaves.