Sparkle: The Only Trace We Leave Behind

In the name of health our generation’s war on dirt, ironically, may actually be making matters worse. These days traces of potentially toxic household cleaning products are everywhere: in our homes, our environment, and even our own bodies.

Fortunately, there's a growing movement toward natural products and methods that can keep a home fresh and clean without dangerous side effects. The good news is that these green alternatives can produce results just as effectively as their conventional counterparts, with little or no extra effort. The really good news is that several of them are already familiar – so you know you can trust them.

Earth Angels' back-to-basics approach turns back the clock to the way things were done before the dubious age of "better living through chemistry." We use an innovative combination of the same tried and true formulas our grandmothers relied on, as well as modern eco-friendly cleaning products. It’s amazing how powerful humble ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar can be, and the results are well worth it: A sparkling clean environment for you and your family with no chemical residues lingering in the air, on your food, your hands and even in your bath water.

Some of the safe old favorites we use include:

White vinegar: This natural acidic disinfectant and deodorizer kills germs, bacteria, mold and mildew. We use it undiluted to clean toilets inside and out, and in various strengths as a glass and window cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, vinyl, tile and wood floor cleaner, and wood cabinet and furniture polish.

Lemon juice: Nature’s bleach and disinfectant cuts through soap scum and hard water deposits, and also cleans chrome, brass and copper.

Baking soda: Not only does it eliminate unpleasant odors and effortlessly clean silver, this venerable deodorizer, cleaner and mild abrasive makes an effective soft scrubbing cleanser when combined with liquid castile soap.

Liquid castile soap: Derived from vegetable and plant oils, it’s biodegradable and contains no detergents or phosphates. We use it full-strength for heavy-duty grease-cutting jobs, and in various strengths for all-purpose cleaning.

Borax: In addition to making porcelain and fiberglass sparkle, this natural deodorizing mineral is a powerful mold and bacteria killer, and makes a superior shower tile and grout cleaner.

We also use a number of new-school non-toxic cleaning products made by: Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Method Home, Bio-Kleen, Bon Ami Company and others.

Our equipment and materials are reusable, non-consumable, and recyclable, and include:

Microfiber cloths: Super-fine, lint-free polyester threads are woven into a soft, high-density fabric that lifts and traps dust, dirt and allergens without scattering them. Non-abrasive and safe for use on delicate surfaces.

Bona hard surface mops: Heads that swivel 360 degrees allow maximum maneuverability into tight corners and hard to reach areas. Washable microfiber pads hold significantly more dust, dirt and moisture than conventional fibers.

Miele vacuums: Miele's advanced HEPA filtration system is designed to safeguard indoor air quality, and confine and retain dirt, dust, allergens, pet dander and lung-damaging fine particles that other vacuums recirculate into the air you breathe.